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Masters of Midnight
by William J. Main & Michael Thomas Ford Sean Wolfe & Jeff Mann

Category: Fiction / Horror
362 pages; ISBN: 0758204213

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


MASTERS OF MIDNIGHT contains four novellas in which vampires play a prominent and erotically gay role. The authors have different visions of vampires leading to highly original and entertaining tales.

“His Hunger” by William J. Mann. Thirty years ago in Cravensport, Maine murders and disappearances occurred with no explanation. Jeremy thinks the story will make a good human-interest piece, but he also has a personal stake in the story as one of the vanished was his father. However, he is in peril after visiting Bartholomew, a vampire who plans to enslave Jeremy and convert the writer’s lover.

“Sting” by Michael Thomas Forge. Following the suicide of his lover, Ben becomes head librarian in Downing, Arkansas. He sees customer Titus put his hands into beehives. When the two men become lovers, Titus explains that he is a vampire and the bee venom prevents his blood craving. Titus feels strongly about stopping his kind who kills innocent children.

“Brandon’s Bite” by Sean Wolfe. His father was a vampire while his mother was mortal. His father taught him how to survive as a vampire. As an adult Brandon discovered he was gay so his father disowned him. Brandon can choose any victim he wants but fears love because he believes he cannot control his urge for blood.

“Devoured” by Jeff Marin. Three centuries ago two Scottish lords shared a secret passion for one another. When they were caught, Angus was killed but Derek was changed into a vampire. He avenged his friend’s death before immigrating to West Virginia. Now an affluent businessman, he finally has a chance to love again but must first take care of Matthew’s homophobic enemies.

Harriet Klausner


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