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Westward the Tide
by Louis L'Amour

Category: Fiction / Historical
216 pages; ISBN: 0553143166

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: John Dixson


Matt Bardoul decides to join the Westward trek with a wagontrain in pursuit of gold put together by Brian Coyle, Clive Massey, Batsell Hammer, and Logan Deane and Colonel Orvis Pearson. The wagontrain is headed for Big Horne where apparently gold has been found in great quantities. Matt joins the wagontrain for the pursuit of riches and his desire for Jacquine, Brian Coyle's daughter, who is also going along.

Early on, Bardoul becomes enemies with Clive Massey, who perceives Bardoul a threat to the success of the trek because of Bardoul's past involvement with gunslingers. Bardoul recognizes Massey's reputation and shady alliance with Hammer and Deane in what he perceives as something suspect about the entire operation and equally jealous of Massey's involvement with Jaquine. During the course of the trek, Bardoul pieces together the actual worth of the wagontrain as a prime object for looting and wealth if attacked. It is then he decides that Massey, Hammer, and Deane have plans to overrun the operation, pillage the wagontrain, and steal its wealth in a Western tale of greed and deceit.

Westward the Tide is yet another of Louis L'Amour Western novels describing the pursuit of gold, wealth, deceit, and romance in the West. The characters are a close-knit bunch separated distinctly as good guys and bad guys. Though the bad guys are a dim-witted bunch, L'Amour's description of Western life and philosophy, including that of the Native American Indians, is impressive and offers a philosophical perspective of life from the American Indian and Caucasian point of view.

John Dixson



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