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Blood Will Tell
by Jean Lorah

Category: Fiction / Horror
277 pages; ISBN: 1932199932

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Murphy, Kentucky Police Detective Brandy Mather answers the call from nearby Jackson Purchase State University that a corpse of an old man has been found serenely sitting in the office of Professor Everett Land. The body contained identification of the professor, but the teacher is in his forties, not a nonagenarian like the deceased. Dental records later confirm that the dead person is Land, but how did he double in age seemingly overnight?

While at the University, Brandy meets computer science teacher Dan Martin, who explains he helped Everett with a web site. Dan assists Brandy by accessing Land's records in hopes of finding a clue. While working together, Brandy and Dan fall in love with one another. However, Dan is not what he pretends to be and soon Brandy questions her sanity as she wonders if she loves a clever killer or something out of a horror novel like a vampire?

BLOOD WILL TELL is an exciting romantic police procedural vampire tale that is filled with action, strong sleuthing, and a fresh perspective on the blood-eating creatures of the night. The tale starts with action as the mystery opens rather quickly with the puzzler how does a middle aged person become geriatric in seemingly hours? From that powerful opening gamut, the plot smoothly blends elements from the two genres into a brilliantly conceived, cohesive tale. With superb lead characters and a complete support cast, fans of supernatural mysteries or jut vampiric tales will want to read Jean Lorah’s terrific novel that shows talent will tell.

Harriet Klausner


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