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Craven Moon
by Billie Sue Mosiman

Category: Fiction / Horror
352 pages; ISBN: 0756401208

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


There is three different kind of vampires. The Predators believe they are superior to man and other vampires. They force vampires to buy blood from them so they can pass as Naturals. The Craven are timid creatures who hide in the shadows while depending on the pity and the mercy of the Naturals to stay alive. Malachi is none of the above because he is the son of a mortal man and a vampire mother. Many of the Predators believe he is the prophesied one, the being that would lead a war against them.

As a dhampire, Malachi is a mortal with extraordinary strength and psychic powers but he doesn’t drink blood. He marries Danielle and they have a son Eli. His beloved family is the center of Malachi’s world. When his enemy’s minion kills his wife, Malachi decides to become a full fledge Predator to hunt down the vampire and the mortal who destroyed his world. He just never imagined he would become involved in the vampiric version of Armageddon.

Billie Sue Mosiman’s vampire world has it’s own set of rules and customs that must be adhered to if vampires are to coexist with their human counterparts. Hearts will go out to the hero who lost the love of his life and readers will understand the choices he makes. It is Malachi’s own humanity that makes him a very good vampire. There are some secondary characters deserving of having their stories told and their are enough of them to fill up the author’s entire writing career. CRAVEN MOON is horror the way that it was meant to be written.

Harriet Klausner


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