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No More Regrets
by Celia A. Leaman

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0000000000

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


Have you ever searched for your true self? Have you ever yearned for true love? If you have, you will identify with the characters in this collection of enjoyable short stories.

Taken from all walks of life, these tales will move you to tears or make you smile. Meet Annie who found satisfaction in what she had and did not yearn after things from the past and Maxine who found the courage to stand alone through an acquaintance with Annie. Their story will find echoes in the empty rooms of many hearts.

Visit Kathy who lived with a duck. A tragedy leaves her an empty shell until an outside threat forces her into awareness of her surroundings. Her involvement in saving a park leads to consequences she couldn't have foreseen. A mystery that adds real flavor to the mix.

And, if you love laughter -- the kind that leaves you light of heart, join Nell as she meets her prospective mother-in-law in She Drove a BMW.

Ms. Celia Leaman displays a real talent for creating realistic characters whose lives are affected by outside forces, some to be shattered, some to be healed, and some to begin again. These are stories that could happen anywhere to any person.

It is with pleasure I recommend this collection of short stories as intriguing and a study of the human heart. Enjoy.



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