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A Mischief In The Snow
by Margaret Miles

Category: Fiction / Mystery
336 pages; ISBN: 0553582887

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In the winter of 1766 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Charlotte Willet goes ice skating on the nearby Musketaquid River. All by herself, Charlotte enjoys her time gliding on the frozen river until a thin section of ice cracks sending her into the freezing water. She manages to pull herself out of the icy water. However, Charlotte realizes that Boar Island, the home of two female hermits, is much closer than her house in Braceville. Realizing that only teenager Alexander Godwin visits the ladies when he delivers items to the isolated females, Charlotte prudently pays a visit on wealthy Catherine Knowles and her companion Magdalena. Charlotte finds her host strange, but kind.

Not too long after that, Charlotte's employee Lem Wainwright gets into a public spat with the obnoxious Alex, but nothing except threats occurs. However, soon Lem finds the murdered body of Alex. Lem is the obvious suspect having just had a fight with the victim just before his death and also having conveniently found the corpse. Charlotte, with the help of her neighbor Richard Longfellow, begins investigating who killed Alex.

The fourth entry in the Willet colonial mystery series, A MISCHIEF IN THE SNOW, is an entertaining entry that lives up to its well-written predecessors. The story line provides readers with an engaging who-done-it, several enchanting characters especially Charlotte, and a deep look into Colonial America outside the Boston area. Margaret Miles makes Massachusetts circa 1760s a fun place for readers to visit.

Harriet Klausner


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