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The Patriote Proposition
by Thomas Thorpe

Category: Fiction / Historical
196 pages; ISBN: 097162397x

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


It was to have been a simple summer's day trip; Elizabeth Darmon expected her husband, sisters, and brothers-in-law to come rattling back to their lodge in their horse-drawn buggy. Instead, the carriage returns sans driver...and passengers. A frantic search through the Canadian countryside yields no clues to her family's whereabouts, and upon her return home Elizabeth finds the lodge a victim of arson.

A bit more sleuthing determines both incidents are related, yet Elizabeth cannot figure out why. It is only upon the discovery that an imposter claiming to be Elizabeth Darmon that the real Elizabeth uncovers a coup to abolish English rule in her newly adopted country - aided by the most shocking of resources. What she does not realize in her desperate search to find survivors among her family is that brother-in-law Charles, suffering amnesia, has becomed absorbed in the Patriote plot himself.

A brisk, winning story of the growing pains in Canada's early ninteenth century, The Patriote Proposition will engage readers of historical fiction. Though the story can confuse at points (particularly when Elizabeth's imposter is portrayed in Charles's point of view as the actual Mrs. Darmon, author Thorpe well makes up for it through accurate settings and details and thoughtful characterization.


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