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Always a Thief
by Kay Hooper

Category: Fiction / Mystery
311 pages; ISBN: 0553585681

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


For over a decade, the cat burglar Quinn robbed the homes of the rich and famous, relieving them of baubles that have made him a media sensation. When his luck ran out, Interpol gave him a choice, help them catch notorious jewel thieves or spend the rest of his life in jail. Nobody could call Quinn a fool and the cat burglar retired to become a man who worked for international law officials.

His first assignment is in San Francisco where Max Bannister is allowing the Museum of Historical Art to display his priceless jewel collection in an exhibit designed by Morgan West. Rumor has it that the deadly Nightshade is going after the collection and Quinn is in place to stop by baiting a trap too irresistible to ignore. Quinn can’t give the con his complete attention because he has become romantically involved with Morgan, a law-abiding woman who can’t believe she’s in love with a master jewel thief.

ONCE A THIEF was originally written for the now defunct Loveswept line but in it’s present form it is almost unrecognizable because the author expanded the story line and targeted it for suspense fans as well as romance lovers. The hero is one of a kind character who fits the world into his mold except in one area, his love for Morgan who becomes his redemption. The identity of Nightshade will come as a surprise to the audience but Quinn’s real everyday identity will come as a bigger surprise to the audience.

Harriet Klausner


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