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Bourbon Street Blues
by Greg Herren

Category: Fiction / Mystery
264 pages; ISBN: 0758202121

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


He has known for a long time that he is gay and feels very lucky that his parents are proud of his orientation. Scotty Bradley has the body of a go-go boy and for many years he earned money stripping on the gay club circuit. Nowadays, he lives in his native New Orleans working as a personal trainer, stripping only when he needs an influx of cash. He looks forward to Southern Decadence, a gigantic Mardi Gras party aimed at the gay audience.

The night before the party, Scotty dances at a club when he sees an old friend who needs his help. Scotty tells Jeremy to meet him at his apartment, but in the meantime he and fellow dancer Collin hit it off and spend the night together. Scotty wakes up to find a computer disc in his boot and when he hooks up with Jeremy, he learns that on that CD is the plans to blow up New Orleans by a right wing candidate running for governor. Collin, who turns out to be a cat burglar, disappears, leaving Scotty to deal with the redneck killers who want the disc back and a sexy FBI agent who wants to use the stripper as bait.

BOURBON STREET BLUES is campy, funny and never takes itself seriously. The lead character enjoys being sexy and buff yet despite his flirtatious ways and his pursuit of pleasure he does have a conscience and is determined to do his best to expose the villains and save his beloved New Orleans. Greg Herren gives the audience a tantalizing glimpse of New Orleans from a different perspective, but the city remains as appealing as ever.

Harriet Klausner


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