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The Shattering Sword
by Forrest Taylor

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
384 pages; ISBN: 1401066356

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


Mascar, regent of Sydia, is troubled by the predictions of his oracle with regards to his young prince. Though his son Sevak is destined to become a great ruler in his own right, divination reveals the future king's glory to be overshadowed by greed and bloodshed. The Great Sword that is to be Sevak's legacy will be shattered by a chosen one, symbolizing the eventual destruction of the king's reign. Meanwhile, at the time of this revelation, the chosen one is born, and taken from his family by force.

Trejan Farmer, once a warrior in Mascar's guard, struggles to maintain anonymity under Sevak's reign. His infamy, however, precedes him everywhere he travels, and with his companion Das he travels throughout battered Sydia to accomplish his mission before being intercepted by Sevak's forces. Along the way he acquires another ally, the orphaned youth Attur, whose own village was ravaged. With Trejan's help Attur seeks to find the girl he loves, Sevak's prisoner, yet he is unaware of his own potential. As is Sevak, who knows more about Attur's past than he cares to reveal.

Billed as the first installment of the Red Star Prophecy series, The Shattering Sword is a tense, satisfying fantasy. Author Taylor illuminates the barbarism and corruption of Sevak's reign in his clipped narrative, while creating a vivid world enhanced by flawed yet sympathetic characters. Fans of fantasy series will enjoy this tale of Attur's trials and triumphs, the first of hopefully many.


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