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Last Refuge Of Scoundrals
by Paul Lussier

Category: Fiction / General
312 pages; ISBN: 0446523429

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


When he was fourteen in 1765 Boston John Lawrence met sixteen- year-old Deborah Simpson, Hancock's whore. She believes in American independence even if she sees its leaders as frail males. Deborah persuades John to join the cause.

Deborah is the strategic planner working on the vision of freeing America. She also, with John at her side, becomes the operational planner to insure that events go according to her strategy. John, now aide-de-camp to General George, follows Deborah's direction though they make it seem as if George is running the show. From the Massacre to Lexington and Concord to Valley Forge Deborah leads, John performs, and George and his fellow Founding Fathers gain credit.

Some readers will categorize the LAST REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS as a satirical alternate history while others will insist it is historical fiction based on facts overlooked by textbooks and historians. Regardless, the story line is amusing even if the Founding father's nickname comes from their boudoir activities rather than their leadership qualities and gives new meaning to "George Slept Here." Deborah and John show quality planning and reengineering skills while General George and his cronies and the English prove status quo bunglers very interchangeable in their roles. Simply put in modern terms, in this novel the dress would have been Deborah's, the sperm would have been John's after cleaning George's output, Starr would have been King George III, and the Congress would have been Parliament.

Harriet Klausner


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