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Cat in a Neon Nightmare
by Carole Nelson Douglas

Category: Fiction / Mystery
384 pages; ISBN: 0765306808

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Las Vegas public relations expert Temple Barr has been involved in several recent homicide investigations. Helping her besides her feline bodyguard Louie is her lover Max Kinsella (a magician and part-time counter terrorist operative) and ex-priest Matthew Devine. Matt has also been stalked and threatened by Kathleen O’Connor an IRA agent, who wants his virginity in exchange for leaving him and the females in his life alone. Max, who was once Kathleen’s lover, and Lt. Carman Molina of the Las Vegas Police Department tell him to have sex with a high priced call girl so that he wouldn’t be of any value to his stalker anymore.

He takes their advice and when he leaves the room, the hooker was very much alive. When Molina sees her she is dead and she knows Matt is the last person to see her alive. Molina suffers a crisis of conscience because she has to think of him as a suspect even though she doesn’t want her personal life to spill over into her professional one. Meanwhile Max is busy infiltrating the Synth, a cabal of magicians who might be responsible for the murder attempts on him, Matt and Temple. Midnight Louie saves Max’s life from an old enemy with a long grudge.

Temple Barr, who is usually center stage in the Midnight Louis novels, plays a secondary role in CAT IN A NEON NIGHTMARE. The spotlight shines on Max who must come to terms with his own feelings of guilt. Midnight Louis is the true hero of this tale as he saves a life and guards the two men who are an integral part of his human’s life. This book is the cat’s meow.

Harriet Klausner


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