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Sunday Jews
by Hortense Calisher

Category: Fiction / General
694 pages; ISBN: 0156027453

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Jewish Zipporah Zangwill married Catholic Peter Duffy. They have five children together. However, over the years, the former philosophy professor Peter's health degenerates until he becomes mentally incompetent and physically incapacitated. Zipporah takes Peter to Italy so his fiends and peers will see how far he has deteriorated. In Italy, Zipporah receives help with her spouse from an Israeli nurse, Debra Cohen, who vanishes immediately following Peter death.

As the years go by, widow Zipporah inherits a fortune from a friend and takes a wealthy lover. She is now a senior citizen and her five children are now middle aged with adult children of their own. Finding a clue to Debra’s disappearance, Zipporah’s grandson Bertram searches for the missing Sabra though many years have passed since she vanished.

This is an interesting character study that looks closely at a mixed religious family with a Catholic patriarch and a Jewish matriarch guiding them over the years. The story line enables the reader to see life as Zipporah, Peter, their children and grandchildren live it. Though the action is limited, fans of a deep slice of life will relish this delightful family drama.

Harriet Klausner
Guilty Little Secrets
Connie Lane
Dell, Apr 2003, $5.99
ISBN: 0440237467

ATF Agent Rosie Malone enthusiastically works undercover as a showgirl at Las Vegas’ Silver Swan in a quest to find information on the sale of stolen 9A-91 Russian Assault Rifles. Recently killed Gus Friel worked at the Silver Swan when he engineered the illegal arms sale.

FBI Agent Mack MacDougal also goes undercover at the Silver Swan, but much more reluctantly than Rosie because he is working as a stripper, a job he held in college. He seeks a drug ring allegedly operating out of the Silver Swan.

Sparks fly when Rosie meets Mack when he tries to rescue her in a back alley. However, each wonders about the other’s suspicious behavior to the point that they conclude the other is the miscreant they seek or an undercover FED. Besides that they both agree that they are falling in love although they fear what they will learn about the other peson.

Fans of undercover police procedural romances will relish this delightful tale that pokes fun at the “cooperative” nature between government agencies. The story line is fun more for romance readers since the romantic story line serves as the prime theme with the charming lead couple falling in love while doubting the identity of their beloved. Readers will not feel guilty for fully appreciating Connie Lane’s enjoyable tale.

Harriet Klausner


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