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Heretic Sun
by Elaine Corvidae

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
229 pages; ISBN: 1591050839

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Thraxis the powerful black wizard and his barbarian wife Arrow, a trained warrior, have traveled to the Sanctum Minoris of Gypta to see the parents who relinquished him at birth to be raised by the Athraskani Vilhardovin in the Sanctum Majoris. When his former mentor learns that he is alive and well she and the Black Council journey to Gypta to try to bring him back in line with the tenets of his order. Arrow becomes friendly with Thraxis’ sister Thiacene, a black wizard masquerading as a red one so she can live with her family.

Before the council and Vilhardovin arrive, Thraxis is exploring some ancient ruins trying to discover the ruined city of Xaqqara. When the council arrives, they journey to the city that was destroyed by magical wars and find that there is still magic in the city. There is danger there as well because the wizard’s ancestors almost destroyed themselves using knowledge that is destructive in nature. Arrow wants to leave the city but Thraxis and most of the Athraskani want to learn the secrets of the ancients, but those seeking that knowledge risk their lives for some things are better left alone.

HERETIC SUN, the sequel to TYRANT MOON is an action packed romantic fantasy that will be enjoyed by romance and fantasy genre fans. Elaine Corvidae is a wonderfully creative storyteller who knows how makes her audience adore her naively innocent hero as he overcomes magical and mundane obstacles while staying true to his beliefs. The heroine is his complete opposite but their relationship works because they believe in each other. Hopefully, readers have not seen the last of Thraxis and Arrow.

Harriet Klausner


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