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   Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters
by Judy Astley

Category: Fiction / General
284 pages; ISBN: 0552996300

Rating: 6/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Rosemary Ness


Stella is an agony aunt for a teenage magazine. She lives with her husband, who writes erotic novels, and their 2 teenage children on Pansy Island, a self-consciously arty community on the Thames. Life is comfortable. Then Abigail comes to stay. Abigail is rich, glamorous and an old university friend of Stella`s. Having just been dumped by her husband, she decides that Stella`s life, and, more importantly, Stella`s husband (with whom she had a fling years ago), will fill the gap nicely.

This is a funny book - not side-splitting funny but full of wry observations of life and people. The dialogue is crisp and witty and the characters are believebly human. The book is mainly about the relationship between Stella and Abigail and the effect each has on the other characters around them. I really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it if you`re not looking for anything too heavy.

I`m currently reading another novel by Judy Astley - `Pleasant Vices`. More to follow.


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Buy Muddy Waters at


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