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   Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

Category: Fiction / General
308 pages; ISBN: 0140620222

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Miska


Pride and Prejudice is about this terribly outspoken girl that meets this really rude guy. He notices that she is the only girl he’s ever met who is his equal mentally though not socially, and so he completely blunders when he tries to tell her that he loves her. She says a few terrible things to him, and, without her realizing it, reforms him. Later on, when he has done her a great favor, he asks her to marry him again, and she realizes that he loves her. That’s the most direct and straightforward summary I`ve ever heard of that book, and it’s from my 9-year-old sister after she’d seen the movie.

When I got this book for my birthday, I took one look into it and put it away. I was then 8 years old. Two years later, I was on a plane and I took out this book for the first time since that birthday. I read the first chapter, and I was impressed. The impression this book made on a ten-year-old girl was enormous.

I think the most lovable thing about this book is that anyone can identify with it. We’ve all done and said stupid things because of pride or prejudice, and we’re all just as sorry for them as Elizabeth Bennet was. Another thing I really liked about this book is that the characters were wonderful. We can all laugh at Mr. Collins, Aunt Phillips and Mrs. Bennet. And we can understand Elizabeth’s mortification at discovering her foolish mistakes.

I think also another wonderful thing about this book was the dialogue. I know that this has been said a million times before, but Jane Austen is truly brilliant. Sometimes you can just get entirely lost in her wonderful words. Out of all the authors I’ve ever read, she is my favorite.  She’s not so much funny as witty. I think this book has the perfect blend of the cynical, the witty and the romantic. Plus, this book is a great read for people everywhere. It’s a classic, and I think it’s perfect for everyone.


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