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The Binding
by PhyllisAnn Welsh

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
258 pages; ISBN: 1931696861

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


On Earth, the Sylvan race has just about vanished with only a hint of blood surfacing in a rare human child. Mac Lir, the God who formed the Sylvan elves, believes one of his peers Tuawatha is behind the eradication of his children. Mac Lir sees the same genocide that occurred on Earth beginning to happen on the planet Tylana. Mac Lir sets in motion a plan to save his children. An Earth human child with Sylvan blood will bind her soul with the Tylana Sylvan high priest to forge a new and stronger race.

Widow Korrene Greenwood begins writing an epic novel about the Sylvan Elves. Her hero is Rendolin, who seems to be haunting her dreams. Korrene worries that she is losing her mind as she feels Rendolin is stalking her. She decides to destroy her manuscript but he manages to stop her by persuading her that her actions would end his world. They begin to adopt her manuscript's main story line to forge a plan to save the elves of Tylana, but will she accept the fate that Mac Lir has in store for her?

THE BINDING is an absorbing romantic fantasy. The main plot is exciting because readers will believe in the world of elves. Rendolin is a classic hero who will leave readers panting for a taste of his magical essence. Kory does not come across as a world savior as she seems to struggle with depression and loneliness and that makes her all the more ral to the audience. The star-species' relationship is beautifully told and the war of survival is exciting. Similar in respect to the Never Ending Story, PhyllisAnn Welsh provides an entertaining opening installment to the Sylvan War Saga.

Harriet Klausner


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