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The Choosing
by PhyllisAnn Welsh

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
295 pages; ISBN: 1931696772

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Port Marcus Captain Feenix, personal guard to the High Priest of the Sea Elves, is irate with the god Mac Lir for turning her into a helpless dolphin once a month. That is why her sworn enemy, a Night Elf captured her. That Night Elf Prince L'Garn of Cragimore believes this acerbic human slave will enable him to learn about her strange species. L’Garn desperately desires control of the human half of his blood that fills him with shame and unwanted feelings that leave hum unsuitable to one day sit on the Night Elf throne.

However, already attracted to one another, these two proud obstinate individuals remain unaware that Mac Lir chose them as the means to save the Elven by bringing peace to the species. The evil god Tuatha plans to exterminate the elves from the seven Cella worlds with genocide complete on one, Earth, and this orb Tylana expected to be accomplished soon.

Book two of PhyllisAnn Welsh's the Sylvan Wars Saga, the CHOOSING, is a descriptive romantic fantasy that follows on the success of the first novel (see The BINDING) by retaining the complex genuine feeling realms as the adventure unfolds. Ms. Welsh makes Tylana seem real through her support cast who provide the depth so that the audience knows they are visiting a vivid locale that cannot be imaginary. L'Garn and Feenix are a delightfully strong duet whose respective essence stays consistent even when each one falls in love with the enemy or subject to the Sylvan creator Mac Lir matchmaking manipulations. The audience will choose this novel and series if they want a fun fantasy.

Harriet Klausner


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