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Banshee Rising
by Walter Ihlefield

Category: Fiction / Crime
0 pages; ISBN: 1-4010-2132-8

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Denise M. Clark


Banshee Rising
By Walter Ihlefield
Xlibris Corp.
ISBN # 1-4010-2132-8

"Banshee Rising" is one of those books you start to read that dangles the bait, waits for you to bite, then reels you in. Despite the fact I had more pressing things to do besides read, I gallantly ignored them and finished this book in one sitting.
Mitchell Parks is a police officer in a small Virginia town. As a part Native American and former Navy SEAL who served in Viet Nam, Parks is already a formidable man. But wait until you meet his 'other half', Banshee - his codename while he was a SEAL.
After discovering a ghost in his attic, Mitch and his partner/lover Detective Dana Warren begin looking into a 30-year-old mystery of a family's disappearance. Joining the hunt for the truth is Mitch's former Navy SEAL buddy 'Hawk' Taggert. The trio discovers more than they bargained for as they uncover a trail of lies, drugs and murder that threatens not only to tear the small town apart, but one that leaves bodies and attempted murders in its wake.
This exciting, page-turning book has everything going for it - mystery, action, romance, even a bit of the paranormal. A strong plotline and likeable, if sometimes fearful characters, draws the reader into a world of revenge, regret and a single-minded pursuit for justice. Mr. Ihlefield has created not only compelling action, but characters struggling with a myriad of emotions, offering us a brief glimpse into the mindset of not only a fictional patriot, but one with the heart of a warrior and the honor and loyalty that defines today's veterans. My only complaint about this book? It ended.



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