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The Blood Remembers
by Terry Stanfill

Category: Fiction / General
358 pages; ISBN: 1586190334

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In Santa Monica, California, Rose Kirkland feels she has lost the essence of being herself. Instead life is fulfilled through her relationship with others such as being the wife of Matthew or through her work as a jewelry designer. Even her greatest desire of having a child adds to her lost identity, as she knows she would become the mother of that infant. Alas, a saddened Rose cannot claim that identity as she fails to become pregnant. In her even deeper melancholy, Rose hears a medieval voice and begins having out of body experiences that display to her the posh inside of castles.

Rose obsesses over what is happening to her and travels to Europe on a quest to silence the inner voice haunting her. From Oxford to Italy and finally to Normandy where in Pirou Castle, Rose recognizes the place but not in a Déjà vu sense, but as if she once lived there. For here the past and present converge, but only time will tell whether this proves the salvation or damnation for the “visiting” American.

THE BLOOD REMEMBERS is a haunting time travel tale that is so rich with interwoven historical tidbits, readers will believe the author is writing an autobiographical fiction novel. The story line is loaded with action yet the key player Rose is a multifaceted individual struggling with her life and the intrusion of the voice. Readers will remember Terry Stanfill’s deep tale because Rose haunts the audience by getting into your blood.

Harriet Klausner


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