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   Pretzel Logic

Pretzel Logic
by Lisa Rogak

Category: Fiction / General
245 pages; ISBN: 0-9652502-4-5

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Paul Lappen


A little-discussed aspect of coming out as a gay person is this: What if it happens while the person is married? What happens to the relationship with the spouse?

Emily and Michael Spencer are, by all accounts, happily married, and publishing a small-town weekly newspaper. Gradually, Michael becomes bitter, sullen and withdrawn. Emily`s first thought is that he is having some sort of mid-life crisis. Eventually, she learns that Michael is gay.

In the beginning, Emily tries to sympathize with Michael`s need to "be gay", thinking that it`s just a phase in his life. She finds a support group of other straight spouses, and learns that things with Michael aren`t going to return to the way they were. Through all this, Emily tries to understand Michael`s feelings, including, for instance, what makes a person want to be intimate with someone of the same gender.

This book does a very good job looking at the institution of marriage, and what makes a marriage worth fighting for. It has humor, and fairness, and some quite explicit pieces, too. This isn`t just a good, well written gay novel, it`s a good, well written novel.


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