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Dropping the God Bomb 2.0
by Teddy Lee Brown

Category: Fiction / General
239 pages; ISBN: 0972334610

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Professor Greg Plummer makes no apologies for his position stated in a national magazine on not teaching creationism in the classroom though he and his wife feel the impact as protesters strongly object to his comments. The scientist firmly believes in evolution and has no patience with the bible crowd and their omnipotent God who can do anything except create “a pizza bigger than he can eat”? Greg receives an invitation to attend a conference in Buffalo where the hosts imply they have proof of the remains of the first family. The scoffing evolutionist shuffles off to Buffalo on two days notice because this is to too big to ignore.

Also attending the Buffalo conference is Reverend Frye, a once devout individual whose ministry turned into a major moneymaker and “converted” him to a green paper God. He pushes teaching of creationism in schools through his political action group that supports candidates sharing his position. Unexamined he accepts the implied evidence as proof of God’s existence, but deep down in his soul he has doubts.

These two intelligent flawed men represent the extremes of the debate. Others more tolerant attend for the beginning of the debate.

Regardless of the reader’s views, this novel is an intelligent look at various sides, not just the two extremes. Teddy Lee Brown accomplishes the panorama perspective through his characters. Interestingly enough, the audience will tire of a protagonist at one point yet later will understand the depth of that player. This is a well done, cerebral character driven tale that leaves a cliffhanger for fans to anxiously await book two of the trilogy.

Harriet Klausner


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