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Prince of Lost Places
by Karen Hepinstall

Category: Fiction / General
194 pages; ISBN: 0399149368

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In Ohio, the bomb at their son’s school that killed a child traumatized more than just the teachers and elementary school students. Florist Martha Warden, mother of one of the pupils six-year-old son Duncan, could not cope with her feelings she was hopeless to keep her child safe. Her husband David forced Martha to visit a shrink, but that just made the woman feel worse. Finally, although she loves David, three months ago, Martha abducted Duncan and vanished into an isolated cave near the Rio Grande with a sixty-day food supply, candles, and John Denver.

Martha easily adjusts to her new lifestyle consisting of fishing and teaching. However, David has hired a detective to find and bring home Martha. The outsider uses the name of her deceased father and arrives with chocolate candy for Duncan. The detective struggles with his own demons while he tries to gain Martha’s trust He desires her world of peace more than his own fractured torturous mental landscape.

Kathy Hepinstall provides her audience with a deep psychological tale that moves slowly forward, but any faster pace would destroy this astute character study. The key to the tale is Martha who has found haven in an alternate reality that her mind has created so that she can physically and mentally live safely in her new world. Readers who want action need to try a different panorama, but fans of discerning stories that look inside the essence of the soul will want to read Martha’s moving motif.

Harriet Klausner


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