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Still Of The Night
by Meagan McKinney

Category: Fiction / General
320 pages; ISBN: 1575666154

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


For two hundred years the St. Valliers family lived at Shadow Oaks in Cane Town, Louisiana. However, the once proud and elegant Bayou plantation is near the end of its' existence as financial problems beset the last two members of the St. Valliers clan. To save the estate and restore it to some of its past glory, Stella, a tenured college professor, has taken a leave of absence to come home and help her ninety-plus spinster Aunt Rose.

While exploring a remote part of the estate, Stella clandestinely observes a drug exchange on the next estate owned by Senator LeBlanc. She reports it to the Sheriff and the Feds, but both ignore her. Things change when undercover US Marshal Garrett Shaw is shot and recovers at her estate. As the Ph.D. and the lawman become acquainted they fall in love, but dangerous individuals with high connections plan to kill both of them.

STILL OF THE NIGHT is an exciting romantic suspense novel that will provide much entertainment to sub-genre fans. The story line contains action, but is clearly character driven. Stella is a brave individual who places her life on hold for tradition and the love of her aunt. Garrett risks his life for the job and to protect the two women whose world he crashed. Meagan McKinney has written a wonderful tale that will gain her new readers.

Harriet Klausner


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