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by Linda Windsor

Category: Fiction / Historical
400 pages; ISBN: 1576736253

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


During the fifth century, the Celtic invaders came from Ireland to raid the Welsh village. Rowan of Emrys is surprised to learn that the raiders come from Gleannmara, his birthplace before being sold into slavery as a child. Rowan persuades his opponent's leader Queen Maire to leave his Christian villagers alone in exchange for tribute and his serving as her hostage.

The Druid priest Brude sees Rowan as someone good for the Irish. He marries Rowan and Maire more out of fear that his evil peer, Morlach, will do something heinous to the Queen and the people. As Maire begins to understand Rowan's courage and belief in the One God, she falls in love with her spouse. However, she wonders if his faith is strong enough to deal with the malevolent Morlach?

MAIRE, the first book in the "Fires of Gleannmara" series is an exciting work of historical fiction that brings to life the Celtic heritage mindful of the great Beowulf. The current story line is exciting and fast-paced, while centering on the conflict between Christianity and Druidism. The lead couple is a charming duo and the support cast fills the Dark Ages with light. Readers will want to read this tale even as they impatiently await the sixth century (RIONA) and seventh century (DEIRDRE) novels.

Harriet Klausner


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