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Holder of the Lightning
by S.L. Farrell

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
576 pages; ISBN: 0756401305

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Centuries have passed since the mage-lights disappeared taking all of the realm’s magic with it. Seventeen-year old Jenna Aoire, a crofter’s daughter living in Ballintubber, tends sheep on Knobtop Hill when the mage-lights suddenly reappear. She picks up a brightly colored shining stone not realizing that she has found Lamh Shabhala, the master stone that will reawaken the other dormant stones once it is charged up with power.

Noble Tiarna Mac Ard, pledged to the high king Ri Gabair, comes to take Jenna and her mother to court so they will be protected from anyone who wants to steal Lamh Shabhala. When she gets to court she learns that everyone wants to either use her for their own end or try to take the stone from her. Every time she harnesses the power of the mage-lights it takes a painful toll on her physically but when all the other stones of power are charged up, Jenna’s troubles begin. Magic walks the land and people will attempt to abuse Jenna, controller of the most powerful artifact of all, as a weapon if she fails to apply her magic for the greater good.

HOLDER OF LIGHTNING, an epic fantasy novel, is based on ancient Celtic tradition and legend yet is set in a realm that is subtly different. The heroine goes from a naïve peasant fearing the responsibility that she has been given into a ruler in her own right, but not afraid to take charge of her own destiny and that of others. Now that magic is let loose in the land, it will be interesting to see, in future installments, how mankind deals with it.

Harriet Klausner


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