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Bad Boy
by Olivia Goldsmith

Category: Fiction / General
324 pages; ISBN: 052594558X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Seattle Times newspaper columnist Tracie Higgins laments how she only loves BAD BOYS, modern James Dean types that give mothers cardiac arrest no matter how old you are. Her latest boyfriend is a loser, user, and abuser, but Tracie wants him anyway.

Hi-tech genius Jonathan Delano is a good boy, a James Stewart who mothers want to adopt as their son. He does everything correctly for the good of society not just himself. Women adore Jon, but not in bed. He loathes being considered a "nice guy" and wants a piece of the BAD BOY action.

At their weekly breakfast, Tracie explains to Jon her ten rules of bad boyism that leads to scoring with women. She helps her best friend change from dweeb-city to ultra cruel and crude male, but begins to wonder what she has wrought. She wants the old Jon to return as she realizes she loves him, but he is into scoring, not relationships.

BAD BOY is an entertaining, often humorous relationship drama. The story line is very amusing as all the support cast is stereotyped to a satirical extreme. The metamorphosis of Jon is quite funny as he still fumbles and bumbles with women, but succeeds due to his new attire, haircut, and occasional shave. In a facetious romantic tale, Olivia Goldsmith satirizes the hi-tech relationship world with a modern take of Carlyle's clothing theory of nineteenth century industrial man.

Harriet Klausner


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