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by Linda Dominque Grosvenor

Category: Fiction / General
177 pages; ISBN: 1583142614

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Nina loves Tim, but resents the fact that he spends 110% of his time on his film. Ignoring Nina, Tim directs and produces his film while also working on distribution. Nina feels ignored and her own identity buried under the avalanche of being the wife of Tim the moviemaker. In spite of loving him and having given up her own career and Brooklyn home to accompany Tim to California, Nina decides she cannot compete with his mistress, film making so she flees Los Angeles for New York.

Sam loves Carla, but struggles with her inability to show she cares for him. However, Sam fails to really see what is mentally destroying Carla, who believes she cannot turn to her spouse for solace. She holds a secret that if revealed probably will destroy her marriage, his love for her, and ultimately her life.

Troi has been there and done that as a survivor of the downside of relationships. She has turned around her negatives into a positive. Feeling altruistic and mature, Troi wants to share her experience with these two couples struggling to survive after the initial rush of passion has ended.

Fans of deep relationship dramas starring real people struggling with their past and present will relish Linda Dominque Grosvenor’s strong insightful tale. The theme focuses on the exertions of the two couples to make it as a pair while not losing one’s own essence. Troi serves as the role of model/mentor as well as the literary device that links the couple’s subplots into a cohesive story line. FEVER is a fantastic reading experience.

Harriet Klausner


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