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A Grave At Glorieta
by Michael Killian

Category: Fiction / Mystery
364 pages; ISBN: 0425188099

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


He is a son of the South, part of a rich Tidewater, Virginia family who embraces the concept of slavery so wholeheartedly that they fight for the confederacy. Harrison sees slavery as an evil institution and severed his ties to his family. He became an agent for the secret service under Pinkerton’s command. Having been involved in two battles in the East, Pinkerton sends Harrison and “Boston” Leahy out west to determine whether these states will join the Confederacy.

Harrison and Leahy are to make contact with Federal supporter Don Luis Almaden y Cortes but instead they journey into Santa Fe during the battle of the Glorieta Pass. The Federal troops, with the help of locals, win, ending the South’s hope to make the west part of their new nation. Don Luis is killed after the battle is won and Harrison, who is infatuated with the deceased’s daughter, vows to bring the killers to justice if the killer doesn’t murder him first.

Each book in the Harrison Raines Civil War mysteries revolves around a key battle that is interwoven into the story line. Michael Kilian does meticulous research so readers are receiving an education while being entertained. A GRAVE AT GLORIETA is an interesting tale focusing on the Western states during the Civil War, but presenting all sides fairly so that readers can understand all the undercurrents pulling people in numerous directions. Critical to this theme is that war is not glorified, but presented closer to the lines of All’s Quiet on the Western Front. This book and this series are highly recommended.

Harriet Klausner


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