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by Mick Farren

Category: Fiction / Thriller
496 pages; ISBN: 0765303213

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Paranormal Operations and Research Branch of the National Security Agency needs inhuman help so agents abduct Nosferatu Victor Renquist. They take their guest to a special locale buried deep in the Paranormal Warfare Facility to insure no outside interference as they coerce Victor into cooperating via a laser beam ready to turn his eyeball and brain into a fried egg. The century old director Herbert "Old Man" Grael demands Victor assist the agency with infiltrating the Nazi UNDERLAND facility.

Though he would prefer to tell the American undercover government agency to stick it where the sun does not shine, Victor puts together a team consisting of his most loyal friend, an NSA operative, and a darklost in betweener originally intended as a snack. However, greeting the small squad is a lot more than just the Nazi survivors. For beneath the surface mantle resides a thriving planet-wide civilization that worships the Dhrakuh Central Mind tied to visitors from outer space.

UNDERLAND is simply mixing Jules Verne, H.G. and Orson Wells, and Bram Stoker into the world of Lovecraft, something only the insane or the superconfident would dream let alone dare doing. Yet Mick Farren accomplishes this seemingly impossible feat with a wild blending of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and historical into an exhilarating modern day thriller. Though the story line contains a bit too many sidebars for us mortals to fully follow, fans of each genre will appreciate this strong third vampire entry that features the extraordinary imagination and talent of Mr. Farren.

Harriet Klausner


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