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   A Deadly Little Christmas

A Deadly Little Christmas
by Mary V. Welk

Category: Fiction / Mystery
261 pages; ISBN: 0966515706

Rating: 6/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Melanie C. Duncan


At St. Anne`s Hospital, the psychiatric patients grudgingly helped the staff set up a donated Christmas tree and gathered around for the lighting of the tree. They never saw it. When the switch flipped, the "present" hidden in the tree detonated leaving no survivors. Registered nurse Caroline Rhodes was standing in the hall when the bomb exploded and was the first person on the scene.

As the identities of the victims are released, the motives for murder start stacking up faster than firewood. The administrator of the hospital is universally hated; was this a strike at his reputation? The mayor can`t sell land to the university for a football field as long as his wife owns the land; since she was one of the patients to die, had he decided to work without her? And what could possibly lurk in the past of the perky nursing student killed in the explosion?

Rhodes has her own past to protect, and her reluctance to talk makes her a prime suspect for the FBI investigator on the case. As she sets out to prove her innocence, Rhodes enlists the aid of local college professor and Santa look-alike, Carl Atwater, who can provide her with access to the close-knit Rhineburg community.

While the book starts out with too many exclamation points and typographical errors, Welk`s voice matures as the book progresses completely capturing reader interest with a character who suffers human foibles and isn`t a supersleuth. Rhodes self-deprecating humor adds a whimsical touch and makes this series one to keep watch for.


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