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The Truest Power
by Rebecca Neason

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
462 pages; ISBN: 0446611336

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Lysandra the Seer, her companion Cloud Dancer the Wolf and Renan the Priest have stopped Baron Giraldus and his sorcerer Aurya in their effort to have the Baron named as the High King. Perhaps more critical they have found the heir to the throne of Aghamore, Selia. However, proof of her ascendancy remains limited to the prophecy of the Thirteenth Scroll of Tambryn naming the Font of Wisdom. Since she does not know how to use her powers being inexperienced in magic and politics, many especially the barons do not agree to the naive lass sitting on the throne left unoccupied since King Anri died without a child.

Still, if Selia persuades the Archbishop of her right as the next monarch, she will fulfill her destiny. However, devious Bishop-ordinary Elon Gallivan assisted by his lackeys Giraldus and Aurya control the Archbishop through forbidden evil beings. At the same time, the barons and an invading army say otherwise.

Fans of epic fantasy battles between good and evil will want to read THE TRUEST POWER, a delightful sequel to the wonderful THE THIRTEENTH SCROLL. Though the book stands alone, as with many series in this genre, it is better to peruse the first novel before devouring this tale as the prequel sets the stage for book two. Still the story line is filled with adventure, much of the magical in nature. The key good guys seem authentic even those yielding non-human powers while the malevolence is as nasty as they get. If the first two books are any indicators Rebecca Neason will beguile are enslaved audience with her next tale.

Harriet Klausner


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