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My Father's Eyes
by Jim Loose

Category: Fiction / Historical
231 pages; ISBN: 780971190702

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


AUTHOR: Jim Loose
PUBLISHER: Brown Books - Dallas
REVIEWED BY: Barbara Rhoades

BOOK REVIEW: Just by reading the title, I would never have picked up this book to read. BUT, I am glad I did read it. The story is about an “everyday” family who faced World War II and is written in a “flash-back” fashion. The story begins with the death of the family patriarch and war veteran, “Lucky” Jaggers.

After the funeral, the oldest son, Rob, finds a diary of his father’s and reads it. This gives him an insight into a side of his father he never knew existed. The diary tells about Lucky’s time in the 10th Mountain Division serving in the Italian Alps during the War. Along with the diary, there is a crayon drawing spattered with blood and a German Luger. What are these mementos all about?

Along with Rob, Jolene - Lucky’s wife, Alana - the only daughter, and Ed - the youngest son are struggling to put there feelings about their husband/father respectively in order. Rob encourages each of his siblings to read the diary. Ed does but Alana resists.

One night while watching movies on TV, the children learn of the terrible ordeal their mother went through and by telling her children about it starts the healing process for Jolene. This brings Alana closer to her mother and begins the healing process for her. Ed and Rob begin to heal as well after they have read the diary.

I have a love of history but find most historical books to be very dry and uninteresting to read. “My Father’s Eye’s” gave me a way to remember the history of World War II by telling about a family and how it affected them. The final two pages of the book provide a definition of some terms used in the writing of the story. This provides a nice reference for anyone who might not know their meaning otherwise. I wish I had known it was there before I started reading. Maybe the next addition will put this wonderful reference in the front instead or at least a note that it is in the back.

Learn about the 10th Mountain Division of World War II by adding “My Father’s Eyes” to your library today.



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