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Prince Eternal: Sacred Soul
by Monique Mucia

Category: Fiction / Horror
325 pages; ISBN: 0595143504

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Lucifer impregnates the gypsy woman Falon when she left the haven of her clan. After the rape, Falon returns to Devil’s Mountain, Wallachia to give birth to his child before dying in fear of the devil’s whelp. The lad Vladimir Dracula struggles with the lure of his patriarchal bloodlines with only his cousin Vashti providing him some peace from his sire. Eventually Vlad leads the army in the fight with the Turks.

Fourteen years later, after imprisonment by the enemy and a thirst for human blood, Vlad returns home to finds Vashti hates him for the death of her father. Vashti locks him up, but releases Vlad only to have him jail her. In the dungeon, Lucifer visits Vashti because he plans to use her to gain his son’s cooperation. She concludes that she is the key to who will own Vlad’s soul, his devilish father or God. Will Vashti help Vlad follow the light or will she complete her vengeance by sending him into the eternal darkness as her own sister has chosen?

PRINCE ETERNAL: SACRED SOUL is a great retelling of the Dracula legend as the tale is a delightful historical horror novel that brings to life 1430 Eastern Europe but never loses focus of its Dracula theme. Besides the 1430 Wallachia background, some of the key cast members seem human with flaws and frailties while others (like Lucifer and Vashti’s fallen sister) make the inhuman feel genuine. Monique Mucia provides a stirring adaptation that will send the audience seeking more dark blood novels in what looks like a superior series.

Harriet Klausner


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