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by Quindlen Anna

Category: Fiction / General
228 pages; ISBN: 0-375-50223-8

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Mia Gray


Blessings is the name of an estate in the American South, owned by an elderly Lydia Blessing.
Lydia is an 80 year old woman of rigid old fasioned regulation and rules. Social and economic
status and divisions shape her view of the world. Once she hires and inadvertantly befriends a
care-taker, Skip Cuddy to upkeep the grounds her views seem to relax, but only a bit.

Skip, a twenty something good-hearted boy that has made a few foolish choices, discovers a
box on his steps to his garage apartment on the Blessing estate. The box contains an asleep
abandoned baby girl, he names Faith. His drive to feel responsible and fill a void of love
compel him to keep the baby to himself--to try and raise her secretly.

Once baby Faith is accidentally discoverd by Lydia in Skip's apartment she shows some
uncharacteristic compassion. It is during Skip and Lydia's secret baby care time that Lydia
examines the secrets of her past and the choices she has made in her life that have left her

While the story is touching, the ending is disappointing. Skip's choices in the end seem
inconsistent with the character the author has developed. It was a quick and easy read, only
228 pages and delightful prose. However, I would wait for the paperback.



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