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The Lovely Bones
by Sebold Alice

Category: Fiction / General
328 pages; ISBN: 0-316-66634-3

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Mia Gray


I loved this character driven, original and memorable book. The main character is a murdered
fourteen year old girl speaking from a believable image of heaven. She watches as her family
deals with her loss over the several years following her death. She also watches her murderer.

Although she no longer physically ages, her spirit continues to grow in heaven. She continues
to learn about love from afar. The healing process of grief is experienced by the dead as well
the living.

She leaves behind a father, mother, younger sister and brother. Her parents' relationship seems
to fall apart as a result of the young girl's death. The family dynamic changes in realistic and
surprising ways.

She also left behind the one boy, her first kiss, that may have been her life long mate had she not
been cut short in life by a serial killing neighbor. In a surprising twist she is able to make a
contact with him from heaven.

This book is a hit. It will easily remain on the best seller list because everyone will recommend
it to their friends once they have had the pleasure of reading it.



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