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by Prue Leith

Category: Fiction / General
304 pages; ISBN: 0312287798

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


They grew up on a South African farm that was converted to a tourist game preserve, but relocated to England when their mother became ill. The older sister, the responsible Poppy, marries architect Eduardo, has two children with him, and they adopt a third. She also has cared for her mother while having success in the London theater. She seems to have a perfect life at least in the eyes of her sibling Carrie, who envies her. Carrie believes that she has by comparison accomplished nothing in her personal or professional life though her catering business is going well and she writes about and arranges photo shoots on food.

In Paris, Carrie observes Eduardo flirting outrageously with another woman. Though she knows better, she cannot stop herself from going after the obviously bored Eduardo. The opportunity arises on the family’s annual pilgrimage to their childhood home in South Africa even though the two participants know how much this will hurt Poppy.

SISTERS is an intriguing sibling rivalry starring two wonderful sisters agonizing over mistakes that have caused a schism between them. Though on the surface, Poppy seems like the good seed and Carrie the bad seed, Prue Leith provides depth so that the audience as they learn more about each sister realizes neither is all bad or all good. This critical element makes for a substantial character study even if everything wraps up into a perfectly sweet delicacy when jealousy and ire grip both siblings for most of the novel.

Harriet Klausner


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