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A Coldness in the Blood
by Fred Saberhagen

Category: Fiction / Horror
378 pages; ISBN: 0765300451

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


He has lived for over five centuries by keeping up with technology so Vlad Tepes better known as Dracula and AKA Matthew Maule asks Andy Keogh to help him design a website. Andy, descended from the bloodline of Mina Harker, agrees to help his “Uncle Matt”, whom he thinks is human. While at Uncle Matt’s apartment, a nosferatu named Dickon, along with a human, ask for Vlad to help in their quest for learning alchemy.

Someone puts a spell over everyone in the apartment and when Dracula awakens, Dickon is gone, the human is dead, Andy is dazed and an Egyptian statue is smashed. The next day Sobeck, a being once worshipped by the Egyptians as a God, confronts Matthew Maule. He wants the Philosopher’s Stone, a magical artifact hidden in one of six small statues smuggled into the country. Dracula declines to help but Andy becomes involved when Dickon asks his dead partner’s granddaughter Dolly to assist him. Andy’s father and Uncle Matt search for the Philosopher’s Stone while trying to keep Andy and Dolly out of danger. Thy also hope to send Sobeck back where he belongs.

It’s been six long years since Fred Saberhagen has written a Dracula book but the wait was well worth it. His eighth installment in this series is imaginative, colorful and sometimes even quirky. Dickon is comic relief as a millennium old vampire afraid of his own shadow. The race for the Philosopher’s Stone is filled with action and adventure as the protagonists keep running head long into villains coveting the same artifact.

Harriet Klausner


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