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Blood on the Tongue
by Stephen Booth

Category: Fiction / Mystery
387 pages; ISBN: 0743236181

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Edendale, England Police Department copes with all manners of cases quite well until a blizzard strikes, causing the officers to work overtime under rough conditions. Petty criminal Eddie Kemp enters the picture when a neighbor identifies him as one of four white men attacking two immigrants. They have to let him go but will soon discover that he is at the center of a crime wave that leaves the “E” Division requiring a few breaks to solve some high profile cases.

A snowplow digs up the body of a man clothed in expensive attire but with no identification. The police alert the media in the hopes they can identify “The Snow Man.” When the snow melts, a woman’s body is found near the ruins of the Lancaster bomber, The Sugar Uncle Victor, which crashed into Iron Tongue Mountain in 1945. The snowman is identified as a RAF policeman who had been investigating something to do with the crashed airplane. As the police start to link the ties between all these people, dead and alive, they edge closer to uncovering the identities of the criminals.

Stephen Booth, author of the best-selling DANCING WITH THE VIRGINS, has written another exciting crime thriller that links present day crimes to an airplane crash that happened at the end of World War II. The protagonists seem realistic and are very personable, which makes it easy to finish the book in one sitting. As much as this will appeal to fans that love a good police procedural, it will also appeal to readers who like a human drama with all its ironies.

Harriet Klausner


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