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In Her Shoes
by Jennifer Weiner

Category: Fiction / General
432 pages; ISBN: 0743418190

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


She is twenty-eight years old, never held a job for more than three months, and likes to party on somebody else’s dime. Maggie Feller has learning disabilities that make her feel inferior to her older sister Rose who breezed through law school and landed a job as junior partner at a prestigious firm. Rose takes Maggie in when she runs out of money but kicks her out when she discovers her boyfriend in bed with her sister.

Maggie goes to Florida to meet the grandmother she has never known and she gradually makes a place for herself in her elderly relative’s heart. Rose quits her job and becomes a dog walker, not caring to caring to learn the whereabouts of her sister. When she finds out that Maggie is in Florida with the grandmother she also never met, Rose flies down for an awkward family reunion. It is up to Maggie to find a way to heal past wounds and old injuries.

IN HER SHOES is a funny, poignant and dramatic family saga starring three very different women with different needs and regrets. It is a story about a dysfunctional family and the love that binds them in spite of themselves. Readers will empathize with Maggie because she has the most to overcome but the audience also will feel for Rose and the betrayal that deeply hurt her. Fans will admire the changes she makes in her life because of it. Jennifer Weiner is a talented storyteller who knows how to describe the human condition.

Harriet Klausner


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