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by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
382 pages; ISBN: 0312864566

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In Evelon, a civil war amongst the Elves led to the losing side escaping through the Gate into another world where they promptly conquered the land and enslaved the native humans. Each Elvenlord has his own estate with human slaves bound to him by a magical collar and spell. However, the world is in a state of chaos because the Elvenbane, a female wizard was able to get the half bloods to revolt. The Young Lords, the second and third sons of the Great Lords, are in open revolt of their sires, wanting power of their own.

Kyrtian, an elven lord who lives on a backwater estate, is different than his depraved brethren. He cares about the humans on his estate and treats them like servants. Their slave collars are only decoration and their loyalty to him makes them an army to be reckoned with. His military knowledge gets him the position of the commander of the army, his mission to put down the rebellion. On the alert for betrayal, Kyrtian also searches for the Gate in hopes of learning what happened to his missing father who sought the Great Portal.

When Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey, two of the premier fantasy writers in existence, collaborate on a work, the readers can expect an excellent tale. ELVENBORN is an exciting fantasy novel filled with action and adventure, a stand-alone work even though it is part of the half blood chronicles. Elven society and culture is so intricately detailed that one would think that the authors visited the place.

Harriet Klausner


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