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by Boris Starling

Category: Fiction / Crime
483 pages; ISBN: 0006512046

Rating: 6/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


There is a serial killer stalking London, leaving only silver spoons in the
mouths of his victims - all wealthy men. Detective Superintendent Red Metcalfe is
under pressure to track the killer down and he suddenly finds his own past coming
back to haunt him.

'Messiah' started off well and got better and better, the story getting more and
more confusing and the solutions being really surprising and not what I had expected.
However, it was too good to be true. When the final revelation about the killer's
identity came, the killer's motive for his final victim just seemed a little bit too
bizarre. All this for his own purposes and to incorporate a bit of revenge as well? I
thought it was stretching the bounds of belief.

Also, the very last chapter had me crying out with disbelief. It's very difficult
to discuss it without going into spoilers, but how the character acted here seemed
totally wrong. Also, his actions early on in the book made it very hard to understand
and identify with him. He just seemed false and I can't imagine someone else
behaving like that.

Apart from that, 'Messiah' was a good thriller and certainly an interesting first
novel. Starling tried to make it as authentic as possible and he certainly did a great
deal of research. However, I cannot rate it very highly as I feel that the points I have
outlined above weigh against it too heavily.


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