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A Pebble Cast
by Sal Biondello

Category: Fiction / General
347 pages; ISBN: 0786245212

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Because she mistreated her body with drugs even when pregnant, Claire Coelson gives birth to a physically and mentally handicapped child Zeppy. His father died just before he was born from an overdose.

When Claire’s father dies during a fishing accident, she returns to her hometown for the first time in years. Though she wants to help her mother, she worries about the reaction of her family and the townsfolk of Carpentersville, Oregon to Zeppy. Most reactions are at first a bit stunned, but somehow the infant Zeppy wins everyone over. As a second tragedy hits the Coelson family, Zeppy performs minor miracles that provide solace and healing to one and all even as his mother begins to fall in love with a San Francisco art gallery owner.

A PEBBLE CAST is a poignant contemporary tale that provides several cleverly designed messages within the plot. The themes brilliantly intertwined into the story focus on the love between a mother and a child, the value a seemingly handicapped person can bring to everyone, and that handicaps can be overcome. The story line enables the audience to understand the key characters through the trials and tribulations that impact the Coelson females though the back to back sea faring accidents on the males provides action but also takes away from the powerful motifs. Readers comprehend the fears, guilt, and anguish of Claire when she worries about the care of Zeppy after she is gone. Readers will relish this insightful optimistic novel that looks into deep issues yet never turns maudlin.

Harriet Klausner


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