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by Karen Koehler

Category: Fiction / Horror
351 pages; ISBN: 0967922003

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Covenmaster Amadeus of the New York City half-human and half-vampire dhampires informs his top slayer Alek Knight that he chose him to replace him in the near future as Covenmaster. Apparently Amadeus has seen a vision of one of his protégés turning traitor and killing him. Alek rejects the notion that any of them would betray their guide and mentor.

However, soon Amadeus concludes that the defector is Alek and apparently the other Dhampires in the coven led by Sean Stone want to slay him. Alek defends his life even as he begins a quest to find the long lost Chronicle, that tells the In the Beginning story of vampires. Joining him on his quest is his natural enemy Teresa the ancient vampire and his deceased sister Debra, who he sent to the grave apparently from the spirit world. Ultimately, tome or not, a final confrontation between master and student is imminent.

SLAYER is an exciting vampire tale that takes the creatures of the night and their archenemy dhampires and places them in modern Manhattan where the two species seem to fit in with the human populace as if Karen Koehler chronicled the real world. The story line is loaded with gory action, plenty of biting excitement as the Covenmaster and the top slayer step closer to a final conflict, and a gritty view of New York that enhances the battles of blood. Though one must wonder if Amadeus caused a self-fulfilling prophecy onto himself and his top gun, and several questions remain unanswered (perhaps in future tales), sub-genre fans have quite a treat with this powerful horror thriller.

Harriet Klausner


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