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The Dragon Reborn
by Robert Jordan

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
624 pages; ISBN: 0765305119

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The legend says that the power of the individual who is THE DRAGON REBORN will save the world by destroying it. Signs point that the time for the appearance of the One is now so different wannabes and hanger on retinues journey to the Heart of the Stone locale of the sword Callandor that only the Reborn can yield.

Rand, sole user of the One Power, believes he is destiny’s darling. He leaves behind friends like Perrin and his teacher Moriaine to begin his quest for the sword. Perrin joins forces with Moiraine and others trailing after Rand. However evil abounds in the land as the hideous Black Ajah not only proves to exist in reality, but has a plan too. Allies and enemies will assemble at the Heart of the Stone where Rand will try to grab Callandor to defeat his amoral opponents while claiming the mantra of the DRAGON UNBORN.

Though well written and filled with incredible detail that vividly describes a world and gives depth to the key cast members so that the Jordan realm seem real, the theme of THE DRAGON REBORN is typical of many Tolkien fantasy adventure series. Still Robert Jordan is quite a talent and provides profundity to all of the ten Wheel of Time books so that the audience knows this magical domain exists outside the fertile imagination of the author. That is the charm of the series. This particular novel is a trade reprinting of the third tale and can stand alone, but is easier to understand early on if one has read the first two stories.

Harriet Klausner


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