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The Gazing Globe
by Candace Sams

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
238 pages; ISBN: 189389682x

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Alone in the world except for his Uncle Hugh, Blain McTavsh is happy to work his farm and date the beautiful city slicker from New York Rhiannon. The only problem he has is intermittent feelings of weakness particularly when he’s indoors. Hugh, who knows Blain’s background thinks he knows the causes and he calls the one person powerful enough to combat what Blain is fighting. Druid Sorceress Shayla Gallagher, and her apprentice Shannon arrive on Blain’s land and immediately sense the presence of evil lurking nearby.

Blain greets his two guests and is immediately attracted to Shannon. However, he thinks they’re liars or suffer from delusions when they tell him he’s the product of a Druid and a fairy mating. Shannon begs him to let her prove what she is saying is true. If it is true and if he accepts what she says he is, he will change into a fairy persona and perhaps catch the woman hexing him even while falling in love with his savior.

THE GAZING GLOBE is a beautiful adult fairy tale complete with a bemused hero and a bewitching heroine. The creatures of fairy (the pixies, fairies, elves, and other wondrous creatures) bring a sense of beauty and awe to this enchanting story. Blain and Shannon are a magical pair as love blossoms against overwhelming obstacles. Candace Sams has a distinct voice that paranormal readers will love.

Harriet Klausner


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