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Lord Brother
by Carolyn Kephart

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
185 pages; ISBN: 1563152770

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Lord Adept of Markul Ryel Mirai allegedly seeks the truth behind the death of Edris, his mentor for twelve years, but the wysard actually searches for a spell that would enable him to bring back to life his teacher by rejoining the soul with the body. As Ryel starts on his dangerous quest, the daiman Dagar has other plans for the wysard. Dagar plots to return to this world by occupying Ryel’s “corpse” after his obedient servant Lord Michael Essern completes a special mission deadly to his chosen “host”.

Ryel continues his quest to save Edris, but has side adventures on the way. He liberates individuals suffering from Dagar’s sorcery and nears the inevitable battle with the daiman. The price of defeat is not just losing his life for defeat to Dagar will allow the daiman to use the wysard’s body to commit atrocities at a level unheard of on the unsuspecting world.

LORD BROTHER is a fabulous, vividly descriptive epic fantasy tale that brings to life a different real that seems so real under the brilliant tutelage of Carolyn Kephart. Though the action never lets up, the support cast makes this good vs. evil novel so much fun to read. Also adding to the fun is that Ryel is a strong hero but Dagar is an even more powerful villain. Newcomers to the series will want to obtain WYSARD while joining in the chorus of readers shouting at the author to release the next tome in the Ryel saga.

Harriet Klausner


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