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   The Unexpected Salami

The Unexpected Salami
by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

Category: Fiction / General
308 pages; ISBN: 1-56512-232-1

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Paul Lappen


Rachel Ganelli, a neurotic Italian-Jewish New Yorker, is tired of the Big Apple, so she moves to Australia, and hooks up with a middle-level rock band called The Tall Poppies, becoming the semi-girlfriend of Colin, the bass player. One day, while shooting their latest video, Stuart, the drummer, is shot and killed, and it`s all caught on tape. Rachel decides that maybe the time is right to return to New York, especially after her mother calls, and, having seen it on CNN, demands her immediate return.

About a month later, Rachel runs into Stuart in a Manhattan coffee shop. The whole thing was a scam, the intention being that the band would ride the resulting publicity up the charts. It worked, to the point where the band was chosen as a last-minute opening act fill-in for a couple of dates on an INXS American tour, including one at Madison Square Garden.

Along the way, Rachel and a couple of friends help Stuart get off heroin cold turkey; Rachel gets put on the jury for a murder case right at the time that Colin is in New York, but they do get a conjugal visit; for a time, Rachel`s "price" for not blowing the whistle to the Australian authorities is a wedding ring from Colin.

This story is marvelous. Shapiro actually lived in Australia for a year, so she really knows how to express the Australian view of things. It`s a good rock and roll novel, with a little Woody Allen included, and is well worth reading.


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Buy The Unexpected Salami at


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