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Always in My Heart
by Catherine Anderson

Category: Fiction / General
432 pages; ISBN: 0451206665

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Tucker and Ellie Grant were high school sweethearts who married and had three children. However, the death of one of their kids led to the destruction of the relationship between Tucker and Ellie though their split is amiable. However, their two surviving sons Zach and Kody believe that their parents still love each in spite of the evidence that both have moved on with their lives in different ways with both dating others. Zach and Kody decide that Tucker and Ellie need a catalyst to bring them together just as the tragedy tore them apart.

The younger generation Grants run off to the Baxter Wilderness Area where the family used to camp out in happier times, but not before informing their father that they will remain in the Oregon woods until Tucker and Ellie come back to one another. Accompanying Tucker and Ellie on their trek is their current significant others though neither are welcomed. Will a family formed out of love find its way back to each other or will this incident place the final exclamation point to what once was?

ALWAYS IN MY HEART is an emotional family saga that focuses on the aftermath of a tragic event on the survivors. The story line succeeds because the Grant quartet seem very real as each one internally accepts the blame for Sammy’s accidental death. Fans of passionate relationship dramas will want to read Catherine Anderson’s novel that emphasiszes the need to remain open with your loved ones if one is to begin to heal.

Harriet Klausner


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