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by Mark Paul Sebar

Category: Fiction / Horror
0 pages; ISBN: 1930246021

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


This intriguingly named short story takes place way into the future, in the year 2198
to be exact. California is now an independent country, rather than just a state of the
USA. When Miguel inherits CalHouse, one of the most feared properties in the
country, he has only five days to transfer the house to the state or be put to death. The
only difficulty is that he needs the transfer crystals – which are at the haunted house.

First of all, since the story is done in a very futuristic style, the voices are also made
futuristic. Unfortunately, this gives the narrator a very weird emphasis on the last
word of every sentence and he is, at times, somewhat difficult to understand.
However, it is much better that it has been done in this style, rather than just having
been left as normal.

What is also good about this CD is that it is very heavy on special effects. The makers
have clearly gone to great length to put in as many sounds and suchlike as possible.
From cougar squeals to the human screams, this is FX-laden.

It is also clear that the writer has done a lot of research into ghosts, hauntings and
suchlike. For example, he uses the idea of Native American spirits rising up and
causing trouble, as has been done many times before, in both literature and TV, an
episode in season four of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' being an example. However,
these Native Americans vary in form and strength, giving the main characters quite a
hard time. The writer also mentions cold spots appearing at the same time as ghosts –
this is well known in paranormal writing.

It is quite a long story and if it does not catch you at the beginning, there is no point
listening to it throughout. The start is representative of the quality of the rest of the
story. It is not overly taxing, but you could do a lot worse than this for a story to pass
away a train ride, for example.


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